Thursday, April 30, 2009

Jeff Beck (feat. Tal Wilkenfeld) - Live at the House of Blues, Cleveland, Ohio, April 15, 2009 [FLAC]

Jeff Beck
House of Blues
Cleveland, Ohio
April 15, 2009

Recorded by Warciple

Excellent Sound Quality

Source: Zoom H2 (SD flash card)

Location: Balcony, dead center

Transfer: SD > USB > Nero Wave Editor > CD Wave Editor (tracking) >Flac-8 > ur Mind Blown!


Tal Wilkenfeld-Bass
Vinnie Colaiuta-Drums
Jason Rebello-Keys
Jeff Beck-Guitar


01 Beck's Bolero
02 The Pump
03 You Never Know
04 Cause We've Ended as Lovers
05 Behind the Veil
06 Blast from the East
07 Stratus
08 Angel
09 Drums
10 Led Boots
11 Nadia
12 Space Boogie
13 Goodbye Porkpie Hat
14 Blue Wind
15 Bass
16 Day in the Life
17 Big Block
18 Encore Break
19 Where Were you
20 Scottish One
21 Theme from Peter Gunn
22 Crowd outro

Total time: 1:32:37

Do not buy or sell this recording. Do not convert to lossy.

Format: FLAC

Enjoy !!!

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I hate FLAC snobs. I keep FLAC copies offline in my ONLINE file share for burning CDs when I want. For day to day listening I have limited space so I use V0. Don't tell me not use both varities you arrogant nose in the air doesn't live in reality, most likely single guy with loads of cash to burn.

LeChti said...

Thanks a lot for the Jeff Beck!
I saw today you had this new address, that has enlightened my day!

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Huh. Did somebody hear something?

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No one forces you to download these...
Thanks Dr Fusion, can't wait to listen to it!