Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mclaughlin, Bruce, Cobham and Goldberg - Live in Turin, Italy, November 9th, 1979 [2CD][FLAC]

For big fans/completists of this band & its players, this is quite worth getting-IMO. I had "written it off" (and almost tossed it?) but while preparing this for you, I have realized what a really great show it is. Yeah.. it's muddy but the performance is complete & amazing. The crowd sounds very big and rowdy but not close to the taper. I Would love to see someone remaster this and get Billy & Jack out of the mud!

Enjoy !!!,


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John McLaughlin - guitar
Jack Bruce - bass
Stu Golberg - keys
Billy Cobham - drums


Disc 1

T1 Desire & The Comforter 18:17
T2 Intros 1:03
T3 Electric Dreams,Electric Sighs 26:44
T4 Miles Davis 6:10
T5 Jack Bass Solo w/ Spoonful 8:33
T6 Miles davis continued... 2:54
T7 Stu Solo 6:39
T8 Unknown 5:45

Disc 2

T1 Tightrope w/ BC & Jack Solos 15:36
T2 JM Improv> The Dark Prince>Improv Jam>BC Solo 32:17
T3 One Word 6:01
T4 Encore:? 14:47

Enjoy !!!!

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